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Construction & Infrastructure Development

Our contracting division is involved in many construction projects. It is classified in 12 diversified contracting fields; Sewage, Civil construction, Electrical Projects, Power Generation, Road Construction, Marine & Ports construction, Water treatment projects, Communication projects & Electronic works.

We have a good team of qualified personnel & Engineers of different specialization who are forming our technical management team.

The design & planning section in the division is equipped with the latest engineering techniques for planning, designing & project management.

The infrastructure development department is one of our bigger branches, equipped with specialized equipment for the sewage works which make us a pioneer company in this field. We work currently in seven sewage projects in Riyadh.

We have experience in road construction and own equipment for road paving and construction.

The division owns more than 500 different equipment distributed over our projects. We consider these tools and equipment are part of our strength to get into big projects.

The division was involved in the construction of 35 projects in the Year 2009 at SR 1 Billion projects cost. 


We are aiming to upgrade our classification to grade 1 - in all our fields; road construction, Electro-Mechanical works, water & sewage projects, and Telecommunication.

The division is looking for partnerships with international construction companies to establish a joint venture in the Kingdom to develop infrastructure and construction works.

Safety & quality standards in addition to the prompt achievement of projects, commitment to schedules - are valuable targets that we don't jeopardize on.



1. Construction & Infrastructure Development
Construction & Infrastructure Development