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13 Apr 2014
Inauguration Ceremony for the launch of 3 new Cargo Ships
1 What other expenses will I have on-board?
Your food and beverages, and any other personal expenses.
2 Is there a discount for children?
Children up to 2 years old have to pay only S.R. 55 for ticket. Children from 2 to 12 years old pay 67% of the normal price ticket. 
Note: All children must travel with an adult. 
3 How will I receive the ticket if I book online?
You will be able to receive your ticket at the kiosk located at the departing port, as long as you have with you your I.D. or  passport AND the booking number sent to you by e-mail. 
4 What is required for my embarkation?
You just show the ticket AND your I.D. or passport to the person in charge at the ship's entrance.
5 When should I embark?
You may embark the ship up to two hours earlier from the departure time. You are obliged to be at the check-in point an hour before the departure time.
6 Is smoking allowed on board?
Yes, but only in specified areas.
7 What is the difference between an internal and an external cabin?
External cabins have windows providing a view of the sea while internal cabins don't.
8 Is it possible to miss the ship?
The departure of the ship takes place at the exact set time.
9 Still require more information?
Please contact our customer service department